Creative Genius

After her “freakish success” from Eat, Pray, Love (her words) she is burdened with the concept of following it up with another best-seller. In this 12th most popular TED Talk Elizabeth explores the concept of how so many creative geniuses had to be embodied by a tortured soul in order to produce their work. She challenges us by asking what if we could tap into that same creative genius and manage it to our advantage?

Whether you’re a writer, actor, director, dancer or whatever, I believe this talk is highly valuable and an exciting addition to your creative tool box. I can relate to what she’s saying because as a writer I’ve had such moments of clarity when writing that I couldn’t explain to people where ‘it’ came from… other than from somewhere else. I was merely the writing vessel.

If you’re 100% committed to your craft then I seriously suggest you consider this revolutionary concept so that you too can use your creative genius on demand and enjoy your exciting world as it unfolds!

Check it out below:

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