Liam Neeson on Tom Todoroff
Liam Neeson on Tom Todoroff


The Tom Todoroff Two-Year Conservatory offers holistic training of the highest caliber to a select group of international artists.
The Conservatory faculty is comprised of the most accomplished professionals in film, TV and theater, hailing from New York City, Los Angeles and London.You will study for thirty-two weeks per year over the course of two years. Classes meet during the day, Monday through Friday, for an average of 4 hours per day. Class also meets on Monday nights from 5:45pm to 10:30pm. Outside rehearsal is required to supplement class work.The first year provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of acting, voice, speech, and movement. The training is diagnostic, prescriptive and all-encompassing.  You will develop an unshakable skill set based on each individual’s needs.The second year focuses on the application of the skills developed in year one. Instruction is geared toward preparing you for the transition from student to working professional. Master Classes with highly accomplished Industry professionals allow for specialized study. The Two-Year Conservatory culminates in an industry showcase for agents, managers, and casting directors in New York City.We are dedicated to raising your level of consciousness; to increasing the vitality and aliveness in your work and in your life!

The Tom Todoroff Conservatory in New York City is an in-depth professional training program for empowering actors, located in the heart of New York’s Theater District.

Student Visas are available to qualified Conservatory applicants!

Conservatory Auditions:

Admission into this program is by application & audition.

Visit for further details and email to arrange your interview and audition.

Actors must be 18 years or older to apply.

Remote audition options via Skype are available to actors who cannot audition in-person.

Don’t wait to apply – this program fills up quickly!

** Look out for our candid interview with Tom Todoroff very soon!

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