Teen Girl Monologue


Above is a picture of Mother Earths monologue I have written in correct script formatting. I have also included it as text below. You are most welcome to use this monologue for whatever purposes but know that it is copyrighted to me, Evette Henderson. It is an original piece. It is from a short film script I have written called Smell The Roses.

Teen Girl Monologue
Duration: one minute
Genre: fantasy, action
Character: Mother Earth
Synopsis: Mother Earth has been kidnapped by the Baby Boomers and is being starved to teach the rebellious teens a lesson. Most teenagers across the planet don’t care. But there are a select few, the T-Rebs, who do. They want to create change and prove to the Baby Boomers that they care about the earth. To do that they have to save Mother Earth from peril.

The monologue below is Mother Earth’s speech.


Leader (Ed Lear) stands on top of the dumpster and addresses the band of rebels. They are all dressed in bright coloured clothes.



I give you… Mother Earth!

There’s loud cheers and claps all round. Mother Earth steps up onto the dumpster. She looks around and smiles. She raises her hand to silence them.


I am happy to join with you today in what will go down as the greatest demonstration to save the planet in the history of mankind. (CROWD CHEERS) Forests are being destroyed, our oceans are polluted and climate change is threatening to destroy entire species of animals. But let us not wallow in the valley of despair my Earth children, I still have a dream. I have a dream that one day the human race will rise up and live out a true sustainable life. I have a dream that all Earth children will one day live in harmony with nature. I have a dream that every household will reduce, reuse and recycle. If mankind is to be great, this must become true. And when this happens only then will you be able to plan your future. To your future!

The rebels raise their arms and cheer once more.


Save our planet!