Teen Guy Monologue

Above is a picture of Ed Lear’s second monologue I have written in correct script formatting. I have also included it as text below. You are most welcome to use this monologue for whatever purposes but know that it is copyrighted to me, Evette Henderson. It is an original piece. It is from a short film script I have written called Smell The Roses.

Teen Guy Monologue
Duration: one minute
Genre: fantasy, action
Character: Ed Lear (an anagram of leader)
Synopsis: Ed is the leader of the T-Rebs, aka teen rebels. Mother Earth has been kidnapped by the Baby Boomers and is being starved to teach the rebellious teens a lesson. Most teenagers across the planet don’t care. But there are a select few, the T-Rebs, who do. They want to create change and prove to the Baby Boomers that they care about the earth. To do that they have to save Mother Earth from peril.

The monologue below is Ed Lear’s second monologue speech.


A band of TEENAGE REBELS dressed in all black sit chatting among themselves. REBEL #1 leans into REBEL #2.


I don’t understand why we have to take action.


I know. It’s not our fault.

Their 16 year old LEADER overhears and stands on top of the dumpster.


SILENCE! (THEY ALL GO QUIET) We are young. We are fast. We are smart. But very soon it will all mean nothing. We are grateful to those generations before us but they have taught us wrong. We will not continue to blame them. We must fight for our future. Our children’s future, our grandchildren. What would you do without a future? Will you fight?




Fight and you may die. Sit by the computer and in years to come you will surely die a fat death. Eyk holds the key. (EYK STANDS HOLDING A SAFE IN THE AIR) The baby boomers may take our iPods but they’ll never take our future!


Save our planet!

They all stand, raise their arms and cheer. The rebels mark their faces with black face paint ready for war.