This scene is from an original script called The Conduit, written by and copyrighted to me (Evette Henderson) in 2010. It’s a drama. You have permission to use this scene for acting purposes but must be credited to me (if you plan on using it for show reel or something like that). Thank you.

The following acting scene is for a teenage girl of around 19 years old (can be 17 or 18, but definitely no younger). It’s a tw0 person scene with Jasmin and Interviewer. The Interviewer can be of any gender and age over 25 years old. He or she is about to have the career highlight of a lifetime.

Jasmin has a 2-year-old son and is from a poor Australian housing-commission family in a rough area of the city. She’s one of three children, with an older and younger brother. Her mum has been murdered by her aunt (her mum’s younger sister). A documentary is being made on what caused the murder and Jasmin is being interviewed for it.

Genre: Drama
Duration: 2 minutes

Please click file below to download.