mydestinationA fabulous new competition is in full swing, similar to Best Job In The World won by Ben Southall.  In actual fact, Ben Southall is a guest judge in this one!

You win a six month, six continents, and all expenses paid round the world trip PLUS up to $50,000 cash when you get back.

In a nutshell, all you have to do is make an original 3-minute video about your favourite destination, whether you live there or not, then write an original story about one of your travels, whether it be funny or terrifying and include three photos.

Just like Best Job In The World you have to blog and post updates about your exciting trip as you go along so presenting skills will come in handy!

I think ultimately they want you to have fun and show the rest of the world.  Here’s the link to find out full details:

Happy entering!  If you, one of my loyal readers wins, please, please keep me in the loop!!