Call me a frustrated actress, unpublished author or whatever takes your fancy but here’s my rant on Australia’s version of the Emmy Awards, the Logie Awards 2013, which aired last night 7th April 2013. For my international audience our prime-time television recognition ceremony is TV’s equivalent to the film industry’s Academy Awards.

First of all congratulations to all the nominees and winners.  Being in ongoing PAID acting work must be a buzz for your bank balance and then to be recognized for your efforts an even greater one.  Kudos to all.

Now here’s my thing.  In the Emmy Awards the categories are as follows. Outstanding:

– Drama series
– Lead Actor/Actress in a drama series
– Supporting Actor/Actress in a drama series
– Comedy Series
– Lead Actor/Actress in a comedy series
– Supporting Actor/Actress in a comedy series
– Mini-series or Movie
… and so on.

But in Australia’s big gong of nights we award for the following categories:

– Gold Logie (I think this is a combination of outstanding achievement and most popular artist rolled into one big fat glorified trophy)
– Most Outstanding Actor/Actress
– Most Popular Actor/Actress – hang on, what the??
… and so on.

That’s right thesps.  We award official trophies to artists who are the ‘most popular’.  In Australia we just love to promote social status! We encourage the general public to officially vote for who they believe should be part of the most popular group in school. But haven’t we passed this stage of ‘too cool for school’ attitude?  Obviously not!

Asher Keddie, a great Australian actress, won a Silver Logie for being Most Popular Actress for her lead role in Channel Ten’s Offspring last night.  Her first words in her acceptance speech were “I love being popular”. Don’t get me wrong.  I like Asher Keddie.  I think she’s very talented but surely we’re mature enough to see past people’s “popularity” and stick to awarding artists for what they do best?  For the record Asher Keddie won the ultimate Gold Logie award too.  Clearly she’s talented and popular!  A double whammy.

I mean let’s not discriminate right.  Why not award actors for the smartest or fastest?  You don’t see them racing against each other on the school oval to determine who really is the most popular, fastest actor on Australian TV.

And have you ever noticed the differences between the awards statuettes?

(picture below: Emmy Award statuette)


(picture below:  the TV Week Logie Award statuette)


Which one would you rather?

Look at the detail in the Emmy Award statuette.  An angel holding the world in her hands.  How cool is that?  Our poor cousin the Logie Award can’t even afford hands or feet let alone eyes and a mouth to the scary faceless creature with an over-sized head.  I like the idea of recognition but I’m not so sure about holding one of these possessed looking creatures.  What would you rather?  A God-like creature or the devil disguised in gold?

Should we Aussies get with the times and demolish most popular award categories?  Or should they stay and further encourage social separation in school?  Have your say below…

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