marciliroffblogTop Hollywood casting director Marci Liroff is best known for casting such films as E.T., Insomnia, Mean Girls and most recently Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.  Marci Liroff is also very proactive digitally.  She shares tips, hints, advice, feedback and so much more online with actors.  On her popular blog she’s written a fantastic article on how to self-tape your auditions using your iPhone.  What’s more, many casting directors are totally happy to receive this quality audition tape.

Here’s the beginning of the article.  Click the link below to read the rest of the article.

“Having just worked on a feature film where we were asking for actors to send in their self-taped auditions from around the world, I realized that actors are becoming more empowered and self-sufficient by learning how to tape their auditions. But do yourself a favor and make sure you do it well – taping your audition on your laptop should be a last resort. Make sure to show yourself at your best. Lighting, sound, good quality video and a talented reader will help make your audition as great as it should be…”