twitter_gregappsI’ve spent hours slaving over my computer digging deep to find the top 5 casting directors to follow on Twitter.  I searched high and low, company names and individual casting director names.  It turns out not all casting directors are Twitter friendly.  That doesn’t mean they’re not on there, it just means they don’t use it much.

So my top 5 casting directors to follow on twitter is based on Australian and US casting directors only and what kind of info they tweet.  The following list is made up of two Australian and three US casting directors.  My casting director list includes their name, twitter user name and why I believe they’re worth following.

Follow my top 5 casting directors on twitter as well as others who tweet less often as sometimes they randomly tweet casting calls.  And feel free to pass on any of your casting director suggestions to follow on twitter, I’d be happy to share them with the world!

5. McSweeney Newman Casting – Made up of Tom McSweeney (previously from Maura Fay) and Dave Newman (previously Christine King).  They teamed up last year to make a dynamic duo based at Warner Roadshow Studios in Qld.  Primarily their tweets share celebrity news, workshop info, and their latest news. Thank you Tom and Dave!

4. Amy Jo Berman – Amy Jo is HBO’s previous VP of casting having cast Game of Thrones, The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire and countless others.  Not bad! After 14 years she did what all good casting directors do and went out on her own.  She’s also an acting coach and audition expert offering loads of tips, videos and webinars.  Amy Jo Berman is based in Los Angeles.  Thanks Amy Jo!

3. Marci Liroff – Marci started her career at Fenton-Feinberg Casting and in 1983 ventured out on her own to open her casting agency.  Marci tweets a lot which is awesome!  If she doesn’t respond to all tweets then she’s darn close.  Furthermore, she tweets lots of fantastic info and advice.  One of my favourite responses from Marci is “some say your callback is your feedback.”  Marci also coaches actors these days and she offers coaching via Skype can you believe?!

2. Heidi Levitt – Heidi is a big name in the casting world in the US.  She’s cast The Artist, Natural Born Killers, JFK, Nixon, The Rock and oh so many, many more.  However, Heidi has taken her career one step further.  She’s also the brain behind one of the world’s first phone Apps just for actors called the Actor Genie.  Actor Genie is only available in LA and NY currently.  As Actor Genie on Twitter, Heidi tweets a lot in a day.  She offers news, articles, tips and even the odd casting job info.  Thank you Heidi! (And look out for my interview with her very soon).

1. Greg Apps – Greg has been in the Australian TV and Film industry for decades.  He’s cast some of Australia’s most successful films including Chopper and Romper Stomper.  Greg Apps tweets quite regularly and shares some amazing insight for actors.  He’s clearly leading the way for casting directors utilising social media.  Thank you Greg!  (Look out for my interview with Greg Apps coming soon).