A great article that’s buzzing around Twitter world at the moment is ’21 Things That Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room’.  Written for Backstage by producer, director, casting director, writer and teacher, Risa Bramon García, who’s been in the industry for 30 years and runs a Studio for Actors in LA with partner Steve Braun.

Whilst USA based this article covers universal etiquette that applies to every type of actor whether beginner or professional.  However, I’m sure the professional actors out there are a little bit more savvy with this audition room courtesy.

A lot of it is common sense but what you’re about to read is coming from the mouth of a leading LA casting director who’s cast more than 65 films such as  “Fatal Attraction,” “Wall Street,” “Talk Radio,” “Jacob’s Ladder,” “Born on the Fourth of July,” “JFK,” “The Doors,” “Sneakers,” “The Joy Luck Club,” “True Romance,” “Speed,” “How To Make An American Quilt,” and many more.

If you want more helpful information on the audition process then read my article from Samantha Strauss, casting director and creator/writer of ABC’s The Dance Academy.  She shares her secrets on the audition process.

Here it is folks: 21 Things That Make Casting Directors Happy in the Audition Room.

Great article!  Thanks Backstage.