The Artist, Ginger & Rosa, JKF, Natural Born Killers. Sound familiar?  Now meet the LA casting director of these films, Heidi Levitt.  Heidi has been a casting director for 20 years and more recently she is designer of the first actor app, The Actor Genie.  This interview covers The Actor Genie app, Heidi Levitt’s top tips on auditioning and more.

Heidi was very candid with me and revealed some great insider info, like a quality she believes ALL actors MUST have and what she NEVER wants to see in an audition room.  So the next time you audition for Heidi Levitt Casting in LA, you’re going to have a little heads up on your fellow thespian lovers! Oh and yes she does conduct worldwide casting searches from time to time.  But you’re going to have to listen to the whole interview to find out those juicy secrets.

So what is The Actor Genie?  Listen to the podcast my friends (and no, I’m not getting a kick back for this!).

PLEASE NOTE: LA was experiencing internet issues when we chatted via skype so the audio is not perfect but still easy listening!

Oh what’s The Actor Genie cost: a measly $9.99 (but hurry before the price increase).  Find out more about it here:
The Actor Genie on Twitter:

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Here is the podcast: