castittalentYou’ll be thankful I stumbled upon this international casting website.  Ever heard of Cast It Talent? Because this is where it’s all happening baby! You’ll find worldwide casting calls and audition notices on this website. Even the big Hollywood studios use this site. Currently there’s a Universal Pictures feature film project on there, called Unbroken, to be directed by Angelina Jolie. They’re looking for Italian actors. How cool is that? That link will only be available for as long as they’re casting.

The original website Cast It Systems is where the casting directors like to hang out and organise their castings as well as make their decisions. Cast It Talent was developed to bring in the actors and agents, which was launched in 2008. These two websites are connected and provide great acting opportunities. By joining Cast It Talent puts you ‘virtually’ in front of the casting directors.

There are two types of membership: free, which gives you less features such as no video upload and $9.00 per month (probably USD). The latter obviously gives you all available features. Great pitching opportunities. But I strongly advise you, as I do with all of my students, DO NOT PITCH YOURSELF UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED! That is, have an awesome show reel and head shots, and possibly a website (not essential but helpful).

Once you’ve got those always remember professionalism. Put yourself in the casting directors shoes: what kind of audition email application would you like to receive from actors? Short, sharp and shiny of course! I’ll post a separate article about this for you soon.

BEWARE: take particular notice of where they’re shooting because you may need working visas already in place, not to mention a passport (oh and potentially an accent?!). In saying that, the casting director could be so blown away by your audition video that they’re prepared to help make those things happen for you.

I will put a disclaimer in: I haven’t had the opportunity to use this website yet. So I can’t confirm potential leads, however there’s also some great acting articles on there. You’re guaranteed to learn something new either way.

Even if there’s no relevant auditions for you right now I’m sure you’ll be totally inspired just by logging on. And you’ll be saying “Oh Evette, you’re a legend!” Aw shucks, now I’m embarrassed! (not) 🙂

Here it is creative folks, hop to it:

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