ashtonkutcher(I really don’t think this photo does Ashton Kutcher justice as Steve Jobs!)



DIRECTOR: Joshua Michael Stern (Neverwas, Swing Vote)

STARRING: Ashton Kutcher, James Woods, Josh Gad, Matthew Modine, Dermot
Mulroney, Amanda Crew, Lucas Haas, J.K. Simmons and Lesley-Ann Warren

How did Ashton Kutcher prepare for the role of Steve Jobs? Scroll down below to read his answer.

Jobs is the powerful and true story of the visionary who set out to
change the world and did. The film chronicles Steve Jobs transformation
of character from the enthusiasm and self-discovery of his youth, to the
personal demons that clouded his vision and finally to the ultimate
triumphs of his later life. Mark Hulme and Five Star Feature Films
launched the production immediately following Jobs retirement in August
2011. Screenwriter Matt Whiteley, while penning the script, utilised a
team of expert researchers based on months of exhaustive research and
interviews with Steve Jobs friends, colleagues and mentors to develop
the most truthful and gripping picture of Jobs life.

National Release Date: 29 August 2013

Running Time: 127 minutes

Rating:  M

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So how did @aplusk prepare for the fantastic role of (a lifetime!) Steve Jobs?

I spent about 3 months preparing the character.

I started by consuming content about Steve Jobs. The script was a fantastic resource but after reading it I was left with as many questions as answers as to why he was the way he was and why he made some of the decisions he made.  I started by watching documentaries and interviews Silicon Valley Historical Association about him and collecting youtube content Inspired By Jobs: Technology and Soundcloud files on jobs.

It’s a really in-depth response from Ashton on playing Steve Jobs. For those of you hungry actors who are playing a character based on someone from real life (or aspire to) then I encourage you to read Ashton’s tips on his tireless research. He walked, talked, ate and read like Steve Jobs. But don’t take my word for it read the rest of the article written by Ashton. To read the rest of Ashton Kutcher’s response click here.