•The enemy of nerves is exposure. Being nervous is healthy, but don’t let the nerves take control. If you’re nervous prior to an audition, become aware of how you feel then try voicing it out loud and reinforce it with a positive statement. For example, “Wow. I’m really nervous and I’m okay with that.” Nerves are the closest thing to adrenaline. So take advantage of this exciting energy and use it in your scene as part of your character. Mentally follow the flow of this energy as it flies around your body. Stay aware of it, tracking it until you harness it and become comfortable with it. Deep breathing will also help.

Furthermore ask yourself what exactly are you nervous about? Be specific. List in detail and out loud the things about the upcoming audition that is making you nervous. Remember it’s healthy to be nervous. If you’re not nervous, then ask yourself why not? You don’t want to come across ‘cocky’ and believe you are a sure thing. This is not the kind of actor I like to coach nor work with. Nerves are about taking advantage of them for the benefit of your performance.