Free Script

Free Script for 2 actors is hot off the press. It’s my latest script; fresh and emotional if you really sink your teeth into it.

The characters are called Me and Actor. Lame I know! That’s done on purpose. I’ve kept it vague so there’s room for you to play with it.

You can also easily change the genders in my free script.


It’s very simple. An actor sits with his/her potential new acting coach (Me). Before starting their lesson together the Acting Coach asks the Actor one very simple question:

Why do you want to be an actor?

Before you read the script have a go at answering the question yourself first. You might already know the answer. It might be as simple as you love performing. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. But the point of this scene is to get to the underlying emotion, the real driving force behind why Actor wants to be an actor. (Are you confused yet? Stick with me.)

Every actor who does one of my film acting workshops receives a free script. Days before the workshop I’ll request to see any reels or footage you may have to inspire what to write in original free script. This way I’m guaranteed you won’t have seen the script before and cannot pre-empt any ideas or choices about it.

One of my absolute favourite things in life is seeing my scripts come to life by actors. It’s exhilarating! I’ve seen some amazing performances of my scripts. Actors made choices that even I didn’t imagine. That’s the beauty of creativity.

Now I’m writing a free script for you. I love to write scripts. Real inspires my writing as I imagine it inspires you when performing. If you have any questions about my script or would like to forward me your ideas for a unique free script just for you, then please email me I’d love to help you out, especially if it’s for your demo reel.

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Warning: there is profanity (can easily be deleted).