Ozemag is a blog (weblog) website aimed at aspiring actors interested in turning their acting career from amateur to professional. More specifically, it is geared for senior school students wishing to pursue an acting career and are unsure of what steps to take to make it happen.

As an acting coach of teenagers (average age of 15-16 years), I get asked many questions about pursuing an acting career and quite often it’s the same questions.

In this informative website you will find:

  • A collection of insightful articles for aspiring actors. The articles are aimed to help you with all aspects of becoming a professional actor and understanding your business.
  • A collection of audio podcast recordings of interviews with celebrities, industry experts and prolific names in showbiz who share their top secrets to entertainment success. You can listen to the recordings at any time on your MP3 player or through your computer speakers.
  • Video recordings of events, premieres, training, live presentations and interviews on cutting edge topics like tips to auditioning, representation, training and loads more.
  • Fresh content is added regularly including podcast interviews with other professional actors and experts, how-to instructional articles and audio dealing with current hot topics like acting techniques and what type of training to pursue, as well as news and information from the acting world.


To increase the level of professionalism in Australian actors.


To deliver rich content, resources and tools for actors to adopt at their sole discretion to enhance his/her level of professionalism thereby increasing industry opportunities.

Who Is Evette Henderson?

Photo by Andrew Seymour

Hi I’m Evette Henderson and I’m the author behind Ozemag. I’m also a successful actor, writer, producer and acting coach.

I wrote and produced the highly acclaimed film, Cyber Sin, which addresses cyber bullying among youth. Stars John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) and his wife Cody Jarrett (Writer Savages Crossing) and is endorsed by The CorriLee Foundation, Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation, ACT for Kids and Beacon Foundation. With the aim to tackle the issue head on, Cyber Sin is being distributed by The CorriLee Foundation to all schools nationally as part of an online campaign called  ‘Cyber Conscience’.

I starred in the award-winning feature film, Unearthed, directed by Dr. Peter Yaxley. Unearthed won Best Foreign Film at New York’s Hoboken International Film Festival.

I am also a passionate acting coach specialising in two of Hollywood’s most popular acting techniques, Eric Morris and Ivana Chubbuck. I have been coaching teens in particular for a number of years utilising a radical approach to astounding success.

“I really have taken a lot from Evette henderson’s acting course, “screen for teens” and am continuing to do so every lesson. She has an extensive knowlegde on acting technique and skill that you don’t learn from most acting courses. She really takes you in depth of the dramatic languages and techniques that an actor has to learn. These lessons are extremely benificial to any actor and I encourage any budding actors to take this course,”
– Crimson Dunstan, 16 years old.

I founded Ozemag, Australia’s entertainment magazine, some years ago and discovered a great niche market. As an actor I had questions that I couldn’t find answers to. So I decided to start my own online magazine and ask celebrities myself what I wanted to know. Such as “How did you get your big break?”, “Do you still get nervous in auditions and how do you combat them?”, “Was it vital for you to get a uni degree in acting?”, and “Do you believe you need professional credits in Australia before you venture overseas?”.

However, the set up of the previous Ozemag site was very labour intensive and then I discovered the importance of blogging. This site is very special to me because of the ease for me to share this amazing information and trade secrets with you. The aim of this website is to give you strong career guidance in your own creative endeavours.

If you’re ready to take action and eager to learn, you can go through my journey and learn what I did, simply by reading the archives in this website, then replicate what I did right to launch your own acting business. All my blog content is completely free and available 24/7.

More About Evette And Her Acting/Writing Career

You can find out more about me at my professional actor/writer website: www.evettehenderson.com


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