Thank you for your interest in performance coaching!

I’ve been a professional performance coach for almost ten years. I have studied the most sought after Hollywood performance techniques utilised by A-list actors.

I have also conducted independent studies observing and researching human psychology in various industries and in the business world. Based on my studies and experimentation I am currently developing my own extraordinary performance technique, called The Relativity Technique, which is applicable to actors, business leaders, corporate professionals, individuals and schools.

The Relativity Technique is a combination of practical tools applied with human psychology based on our relationship to everyday experiences. It is a  simple three-step process on how to bring out your best performance, whether it’s for work, school or on set. My approach is quite radical since it eliminates many of the traditional steps adopted in classic performance technique which can be confusing.

Think of it as contemporary acting exercises combined with ancient spiritual art forms. Or simply HOLLYWOOD MEETS EAST.

If you’re interested in performance coaching please click on one of the links below to express your interest. I will be in touch with you shortly after to help your career, business or classroom. For schools and businesses I am available on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast down to Byron Bay area.

ACTORS: for actors of any age wishing to launch or excel their professional acting career.

SCHOOLS: for any secondary school wishing to share real industry expertise with their students.

BUSINESSES: for any business or business leader wishing to bring out their best performance.

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