Even business people perform.

Evette Henderson Corporate

The word ‘perform’ is relative but generally refers to actors. I’d like to clear it up now that you are performing in every moment of every day in every way. Even business people like you, you just didn’t know it. I can help bring out your best performance maximising your three basic gifts: voice, body and mind.

Are you:

– hosting a presentation?
– launching your own web series or online videos?
– conducting a seminar or workshop?
– becoming a TV presenter?
– or perhaps you want to polish your skills on engaging an audience?

If you answered yes to any of the above then I am the master who will turn you natural style into elite professionalism. Clients will repeat business with you, staff will look up to you with pride, and your audience will devote themselves to you.

After years of real industry experience as an actor, writer, producer and coach, I have developed an extraordinary performance technique called The Relative Technique which incorporates contemporary acting exercises with ancient spiritual methods that will send your career sky rocketing. So get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

My fees are as follows:

$110 per hour for private business performance coaching
$400 for a one-hour workshop (up to 10 people)
$650 for a two-hour workshop (up to 10 people)

Email me your interest by clicking here with business performance coaching in the subject line.

Download my CV: EvetteHenderson_CV2014

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