“I really have taken a lot from Evette’s acting course and am continuing to do so every lesson. She has an extensive knowlegde on acting technique and skill that you don’t learn from most acting courses. She really takes you in depth of the dramatic languages and techniques that an actor has to learn. These lessons are extremely beneficial to any actor and I encourage any budding actors to take her class.”

– Crimson Dunstan, student.

“Since doing Evette’s course I have learned the most I’ve ever learnt about the industry considering the amount of time. I thoroughly enjoy going to the classes.”

Bettina Zuric, student.

“Evette has given me much more confidence and helped me to achieve my goals. Plus her class is lot’s of fun too!”

Jordan Creighton, student.



“I approached Evette from Ozemag to present a workshop on cold readings to my class of Drama Extension students. This large group of multi-aged students are enrolled in an Excellence Program for highly capable students, with a focus on developing their skills and talents and connecting them with their preferred pathway.

The workshop was very interactive, intensive and provided students with specific one-on-one critique and advice around their approach to text interpretation, characterisation and delivery. The guidance given was specific and constructive and the students benefitted from the professional voice.

Evette also took on the role of industry representative, providing a mock audition situation to each of the students, who received the valuable experience of audition etiquette and process to prepare them for the real thing. They were also provided individual feedback on their performance and offered follow-up advice and networking contacts to assist them on their journeys post-schooling.

The support provided by Ozemag was extremely professional, direct and so helpful to these young people, and the follow-up showed that there is a real belief in nurturing and developing young talent.

I would not hesitate to call upon Ozemag again for these invaluable industry experiences.”

Trent Ivett, Creative Arts Excellence Coordinator, Palm Beach Currumbin State High.



“I have read it 2 times now and I treasure it. As a seasoned actor myself, I think it’s a great reminder what all of us artists should strive to do for the amazing craft of showbiz!”

– Nicole Mason.

“It’s a steal for anyone looking for a comprehensive beginners guide to the craft.”

Conlon Doran.

“It was a very good book and inspiring.”

Irving Schulman.

“A very comprehensive approach on how to prepare for an audition, character development and daily exercises.”

– Ingrid St. John.

“A Perfect Performance is clear, concise and well-written; based on proven recipes for success from around the globe and from Evette’s own backdrop of vast experiences in the industry.”

Marie Seltenrych.


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